McKinsey Gilligan PTA/CPT

 PTA, CPT is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and NASM certified personal trainer.


She graduated in 2018 from Bradford College after pursuing her associates
degree in applied science. Kinsey is passionate about the mechanics of the human body and
how wellness as a whole positively affects athletes in their performance and everyday lifestyle.

Kinsey began her fitness journey in 2014, competing in 2 bodybuilding competitions (bikini
division) and continues living a balanced, active lifestyle.


Her experience in both the fitness and
clinical aspects of health and wellness is something she plans blend and bring to her clients to
assist them in feeling their ultimate best while doing the things they love.


“I want to help people become in tune with their bodies and continue progressing toward their
fitness and life goals, pain free.”


 McKinsey Gilligan, PTA, CPT


Dr. Devee Edwards PT/DPT

is a physical therapist who specializes in movement assessment and pain relief for the active individual. Her passion lies in treating those who want to get more out of the way they strength train, run, dance, walk, play….(you get the idea).


Dr Dev is passionate about keeping you in the gym or your sport and utilizes her years of experience and extensive continuing education course material to create the most efficient and effective plan for you to optimize performance pain free!


She has treated athletes from beginner to professional. Her clientele includes: Houston Astros and Seattle Mariners baseball players, professional golfers, Westside Barbell powerlifters, Sweatt Shop Cincinnati powerlifters, Olympic Sprinters, professional bodybuilders and multi-sport triathletes and anyone looking to take their performance to the next level through optimizing their movement patterns and eliminating pain.


If you are interested in getting the most out of your training or are having pain, get in touch today!


Certifications Include: Dry Needling, Graston, Kinesiotape Cert, RPR Pro, NKT, Cupping Cert via IAC, Titlest Professional Institute (TPI)


“I want to help you live the active life you love and reach your goals!”- Dr Dev